Contactless Mobile Ordering Meets Advanced Social Insights

Revolutionize your POS with contactless mobile ordering now available to restaurants, bars, and other food & drinking establishments in the industry. Make it easier to open and close tabs with limited contact. Update your menu in real time. Create and manage your custom LitCheck profile. Give customers exclusive rewards that can be redeemed with a mobile order.

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Customize Your

LitCheck Profile

First impressions are everything. Guarantee a good first impression with our customizable LitCheck profiles. Your profile includes your business’s address, hours of operation, average pricing, music selection, capacity, and amenities. Get real time feedback with customer reviews and litness ratings.

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Keep Up With The

LitCheck Menu

Our menu is made with your workflow in mind for seamless integration. Keep the customer in the know with real time menu updates. Enjoy built in inventory controls and email notifications when items get low. Make ordering from your menu more efficient and safe through our contactless system.

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Create Your

LitCheck Rewards

Meet new customers and show returning customers love. Gain access to our expansive customer database of LitCheckers. We give the points. You choose the exclusive rewards, happy customers keep coming back.

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How It Works


Scan QR code or enter table number


Open a tab and pick items to place an order


Accept rewards and close tab

The average ordering size increases with self service ordering.

LitCheck Business is available.
Join the party.

Benefits of Self Service

Increase Order Volume

Save time through self service and our streamlined ordering.

Save Money

Serve more tables with less staff.


Attract new customers by offering LitCheck rewards.

Improve Safety

Ensure staff and customers stay safe with contactless ordering.

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